About Firefly Academy

Firefly Academy is a nonprofit started by Firefly Aerospace, Inc. to promote STEM educational opportunities to high school and college students and inspire a passion for aerospace engineering. With the rapidly developing NewSpace industry, the demand for aerospace engineers is at a premium. Firefly Academy hopes to grow interest in STEM education and develop a diverse engineering workforce.

Firefly Academy, launched in 2018 by Firefly Aerospace, Inc, is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation located in Austin, Texas and whose purpose is to provide STEM educational opportunities, to include hands-on, rocketry focused, educational programs for students in grade school through college.  With the rapidly developing commercial space industry, the demand for engineers is growing.  Firefly Academy hopes to grow interest in STEM education and to develop a diverse engineering workforce.

Our goals

Funding university rocket labs and aerospace engineering programs

Providing guidance and expertise to teams of university students who build and launch their own rockets

Funding and coordinating internships for students with NewSpace companies

Increasing interest in STEM education among secondary schools by organizing space modeling competitions and tours of aerospace testing facilities as well as annually granting scholarships to middle school students to attend Space Conferences

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Our Partners

Noosphere Ventures is a venture capital fund which invests in NewSpace companies and has multiple STEM education initiatives. Noosphere Ventures is the main investor in Firefly Aerospace and sponsored Firefly Academy’s FIRE 2019 program.

Firefly Aerospace is an Austin based NewSpace company focused on providing affordable and reliable launch vehicles. Firefly Aerospace has provided funding, volunteers, and use of its facilities to Firefly Academy.

The University of Texas at Austin is a world class university located in Austin, Texas. UT’s Aerospace Engineering department, Firefly Academy, and Firefly Aerospace collaborated in creating the Firefly@UT, Texas Rocket Engineering Lab (TREL).

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